Which electric shaver is better

Which electric shaver is better?

Razors, available on store shelves, equipped with the latest technology, manufacturers are trying to use the latest developments. These are extremely accurate devices that adapt to the shape of the face; most models can be used in the shower.

How to choose an electric shaver for men correctly, on what parameters to pay attention to choose a model that fully meets the expectations of men? It is necessary to carefully analyze the parameters of the proposed models in order to correctly choose the option that suits a particular person. Let us consider in more detail what models are offered on the market.

Which razor is better: rotary or mesh?

First, let's get acquainted with the basic unit of razors available in stores.

There are 2 types of razors:

  1. rotary - have 2-3-4 round floating heads, exactly follow the contours of the face;
  2. Grid - have a longitudinal tip, which should be slightly pressed to the skin.

How does the rotary razor work?

In the rotor model, each head is equipped with blades and special covers that separate the blades from the skin. The model is considered extremely accurate, effective.

A standard head consists of knives, shells, and the whole creates a shaving unit. Rotary shavers vary in the number of blades and the principle of operation. It is better to avoid models with two heads, in this case there may be a problem with its adaptation to the shape of the face. The best electric shaver is equipped with 3-4 heads. They perfectly fit to each area of ​​the skin, ensure perfect accuracy.

Some razors use cross-cutting technology (for example, Braun Series 7), the corresponding distribution of rings further expands the shaving field. The shaving heads may stick in the hole and stop working if, for example, they have pressed the face with the razor block too hard.

The main advantages of a rotary electric shaver:

  1. allows you to shave faster;
  2. the result is better.

The main disadvantage: rotor models are more expensive than grid ones.

Grid model - advantages and disadvantages

Grid electric shaver is equipped with a special grid with a set of holes located at different angles. The mesh along with the blade set captures hair growing in different directions.The mesh covering the blades ensures skin safety, eliminates the possibility of cuts. Different shavers with 2, 3 blocks:

  • models with 2 blocks may in some cases leave slightly ungained areas;
  • 3 blocks will give maximum accuracy.

In modern razors (for example, the Braun 1 series) there are a number of advantages:

  • the grid is flexible;
  • adapts to the shape of the face;
  • the mesh has holes, located at different angles, in different directions, allowing you to catch hair growing in different directions, increasing the accuracy of your shaving.

The lack of electric shavers (especially with one system) - inaccuracy. Grid models have a problem even with shaving of hair on the face, sometimes it is necessary to use a traditional machine.

In cheaper razors, the net may cost more than a new razor. When choosing a grid model in addition to the price of the device, you need to pay attention to the price of parts that change regularly:

  • blades;
  • grid.

The main advantage is the price, they are usually cheaper than other models.

The type of net razor should be selected for the type of bristle:

  • If a man has tough facial hair, a grid shaver with a triple system is recommended that guarantees the most accurate shave (double mesh + integrated blade system).
  • A softer beard will require less advanced solutions. Simple razors with one system are often sufficient; they are inexpensive.

Power Type: Wired or Wireless?

There are 3 choices:

  1. wireless shavers (rechargeable);
  2. wired (network powered);
  3. combined (powered from the network and have a battery).

How does a wireless shaver work?

The cordless electric shaver has a huge advantage - the lack of a cable that limits movement, movement. You can use the device:

  • in the shower;
  • in the country without access to electricity;
  • in the car.

Allowed to shave on the way to work, in the soul of some models of companies: Braun, Panasonic, Philips.

The model has several problem points:

  1. Limited battery capacity - you need to constantly remember about timely charging. It may happen that in the morning before operation the battery will be half charged, inefficient.
  2. Battery life - after some time, the battery capacity decreases.
  3. They are heavier than network models.

In the wireless mode, electric shavers operate on average for several tens of minutes, so you need to check this factor.Some models have displays showing the time remaining until the batteries are discharged. The usefulness of the solution will be appreciated on a trip.

Wire razor

Wired, network-powered models plug into a power outlet.

Advantages of the model:

  1. guarantee stable operation;
  2. the work is not affected by a weak battery, a slowing motor;
  3. cost less;
  4. weigh lighter than wireless.

Battery-wire model

An alternative to choosing between a wired and wireless model is devices that combine these 2 functions, including:

  1. battery;
  2. cable connection

How to choose a razor for travel, travel?

When buying a wireless or network electric shaver for traveling, you need to pay attention to whether the selected model is adapted to 110 volts (for example, in the USA, Japan). Some devices automatically adjust to voltage in another country (for example, Panasonic), others have a voltage change switch.

Waterproof shaver

Advantages of the model:

  • A great solution for those who want to choose an electric razor for sensitive skin;
  • can be used while taking a shower, significantly saving time;
  • use in the shower, helps to avoid irritation resulting from shaving dry skin;
  • The waterproof shaver can be rinsed under running water after use, making it easy to clean.

Dry and wet shave is suitable for gel-coated skin. This further reduces the likelihood of irritation.

It is important to consider the resistance of the waterproof shaver to damage. Bathroom - a place where you often have to contact with water. A waterproof shaver will not be damaged by such contacts. When choosing a waterproof razor, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions, which indicate what kind of immersion this model can withstand. In the case of expensive models, the depth of immersion can be up to 5 meters.

Charging time

When buying a wireless electric shaver for a man, be sure to pay attention to the battery charging time. This is important because many people forget to connect the equipment to the charger in the evening.In the case of some patterns of problems in the morning will not. Their charging time is so short that it’s enough to plug in the device immediately after getting out of bed, and before leaving the house you can easily shave.

Of course, the charging time should be compared with the time of continuous operation of the device with a single charge. Lower price razors need to be connected to the charger for 8-10 hours to fully charge the batteries. After charging the shaver can work 40-60 minutes.

Modern electric shavers require only 1 hour of charging to achieve the same working time. Operating time depends on the battery. Models with a high price are equipped with modern, fast-charged batteries.

Ultrasonic shaver

Ultrasound technology is often associated with electric toothbrushes, where it is widely used. The technology is successfully used in modern electric razors. Ultrasonic technology is based on the fact that the head of the device begins to pulsate during operation. The sound vibrations created during rotation are quite intense, their frequency is up to 10,000 vibrations per second.

Advantages of the model:

  1. Vibrations easily pick up small hair. Razor blades can be quite close to the skin, but far enough away from catching it. Therefore, shave better.
  2. Pulsation helps the head to better adapt to the shape of the face. Thanks to sound technology, the head adapts to the contour of the face in real time.
  3. The head adapts to the length, hardness, density of the hair.
  4. Pulsation gives the skin a subtle vibration that helps to lift short hair, effectively cut them off.

Multifunctional model

Many do not like it when the bathroom is a mess. The smaller things in the room, equipment, the easier it is to maintain order. Multifunctional electric shaver saves space. The device has a modular design. It is necessary to turn off the razor module, replacing it with another one, and we get a multifunctional device for modeling a beard and facial care.

A great example of an extra tip is the trimmer. Trimmer may be present in the form:

  1. additional nozzle;
  2. retractable.

A beard trimmer shaver is convenient:

  • will remove a long bristle;
  • will help to form a beard, mustache, sideburns;
  • trimmer guarantees cutting accuracy;
  • allows you to maintain the correct length of the beard;
  • Trimmer can be used for other parts of the body.

An interesting attachment is a razor for the body that allows you to quickly and conveniently get rid of the shortest hair on the chest, back, in the armpits, in the intimate area.

Additional functions

Razors may have some interesting additional features:

  • Different shaving modes. The device can shave hair in one way, has several different modes. Delicate mode will avoid irritation. Quick mode allows you to shave quickly.
  • Head wear indicator.The device can independently diagnose the condition of the head, notify when the head wears out. Signals are often displayed as a corresponding LED or message on a liquid crystal display. Visually, it is often difficult to determine the degree of wear of knives.
  • Ability to rinse under running water. Most waterproof shavers can be easily rinsed under running water, saving time for cleaning. However, it happens that when rinsing hair fall into the grooves from which it is difficult to pull them out. Then the use of the brush becomes inevitable. Much depends on the width, angle of the housing bore.
  • Sensitive Skin System. If a man has a tendency to irritation, it is better to buy an electric razor for sensitive skin, equipped with special blades. The blade system protects the skin by precisely cutting short, tight-fitting hair. The holes are designed to place the hair in the perfect position for trimming, allowing you to precisely cut the hair without damaging the skin.
  • Adjustable head width. Each face has a different shape. Sometimes the shaving head is too wide to accurately shave the grooves. Therefore, some manufacturers provide an opportunity to narrow the head. Just press one button to remove one of the nets. The tapered head will reach every corner.
  • Bristle lifting system. One blade or part of the shaving unit lifts the stubble, the other cuts the hair. This feature is useful when shaving the neck. Longer hair (more than 5 mm) is pulled out instead of cutting, seriously affecting the comfort of shaving.
  • Dock station. The device with a docking station allows you to quickly and comfortably charge the battery. Many docking stations additionally disinfect, dry heads.
  • Non-slip gripallow you to hold the device tightly in your hand.This is especially valuable if you need to shave in the shower.
  • Service Kitincludes brush, oil. The brush allows you to remove hair from hard-to-reach places, the oil preserves and protects the blades and the lining. Sometimes a disinfectant is included in the kit to prevent the development of bacteria.
  • Lock on by accidentEspecially useful if there are young children in the house. It prevents the inclusion of a razor, for example, in a suitcase, travel case.

Let's sum up

When choosing an electric razor for a man, it is important to choose a model that suits his individual needs, lifestyle.

  • For stiff bristles. If the man has stiff bristles and the electric shaver is selected, it is better to choose a model with a triple system. If you decide to use a rotary model, you need to pay attention to: the number of heads (preferably 3 or more), the width of the field for shaving (the number of rings), the possibility of wet shaving (to soften the hair).
  • For travelersrechargeable or cordless shavers suitable, preferably with automatic mains voltage detection. Convenient if there is a battery charge indicator, fast charging mode.
  • Shaving in the showerneed to choose a waterproof wireless electric shaver.Useful accessory - a cover or a special stand, placed next to the shower.
  • To care for a beard, sideburnsAn electric shaver with a trimmer, preferably with an adjustable length, is suitable. Then you can be sure that the hair will be well groomed, have the correct shape, the same length.
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